Ka-Langalibalele Pass. Hiking in the Drakensberg snow.

Bad weather can either make or break any hiking trip and I've experienced my fair share of wet conditions on a trail. We were prepared for rain but imagine our surprise and delight, waking up to a blanket of snow stretched across the Drakensberg escarpment! Finally, my chance to build a snowman and have a … Continue reading Ka-Langalibalele Pass. Hiking in the Drakensberg snow.

Rhino at Dinokeng Game Reserve

Big 5 Game Reserve in Gauteng

It was mom's birthday recently, which presented the perfect excuse to travel with my heroin. People close to me know that I have a deep and special relationship with my mom. She is the epitome of grace, humility, and the most selfless person I know. Gifting mom with much needed time away was the least … Continue reading Big 5 Game Reserve in Gauteng

Cottage at Mogalakwena River Lodge

Relaxing Limpopo Bush Break

My first road trip to Limpopo did not disappoint, and I can confidently say that I’ll soon return to this beautiful province. Just imagine for a moment, long gravel roads as far as the eye can see and a night orchestra of crickets chirping rhythmically on key. The calming sound of water flowing downriver and the beautiful … Continue reading Relaxing Limpopo Bush Break

Old Fort prison

Historical Johannesburg Sites and a reflection on Human Rights Day.

Human Rights Day is a National holiday observed on the 21st of March in honour of the victims of the Sharpeville Massacre, where police officers killed 69 people during an anti pass-law protest. On this day, we are encouraged to reflect on the lives lost, which have enabled us to live freely under our constitution in a … Continue reading Historical Johannesburg Sites and a reflection on Human Rights Day.

Drakensberg amphitheatre

Best Drakensberg day hike

In South Africa, Heritage Day is an annual holiday observed on the 24th of September. Due to our country’s diverse history and tribal groups, on this day, all South Africans are encouraged to celebrate their heritage by dressing and engaging in practices which showcase the diversity of our nation. This year I decided to trek the … Continue reading Best Drakensberg day hike

Drakensberg lanscape

Best Drakensberg multi-day hike

All the planning, detailed line item spreadsheets, numerous conversations with our guide, countless visits to Cape Union Mart and Outdoor Warehouse came down to this moment. An exhilerating 3-day, 2-night hike in the Northern Drakensberg region. Unfortunately, the mountain plays by its own rules, and despite all our best preparation, our guide had to call off the hike due to the … Continue reading Best Drakensberg multi-day hike

Best Joburg day hike part 1

Turning 30 is a significant milestone in my book, so to celebrate, I knew that I wanted to treat myself to a different experience that would be etched in my memory for a long time to come. To mark my 30th birthday, I decided to trek one of the many mountain peaks spread across the … Continue reading Best Joburg day hike part 1

5 Star romantic Joburg getaway

If you’re like me then winter isn't your favourite season. During these colder months, I prefer to hibernate in my cottage and trade my typical social activities to stay indoors with a warm cup of coffee, socks and a series binge. My reservations about a winter getaway were pleasantly put aside when I had an … Continue reading 5 Star romantic Joburg getaway

A relaxing lodge close to Joburg

Grey skies with low hanging cloud formations coupled with cold, wet weather and flash floods are not conditions I would ordinarily choose for a road trip. The weather took an unexpected turn in the days leading up to our trip with showers and cold weather being forecasted into the weekend. But there was no turning … Continue reading A relaxing lodge close to Joburg

Going Nowhere Slowly…

In modern-day South Africa, I feel as though I have been transported back in time... My mom, aunts and I braved the cold weather and set out on our destination to a sleepy Northern Cape Town. The road was unforgiving with potholes of varying sizes, regrettably my tyre being the unfortunate casualty. Being stuck on … Continue reading Going Nowhere Slowly…

Tsitsikamma storms river mouth

N2 drive from Cape Town to the Garden Route

After my eventful stay in Cape Town with friends which included, wine tasting, beer tasting, classic fish and chips, Table Mountain, penguins, outdoor cinema and retail therapy at the waterfront, I was ready for part 2 of my holiday. I arrived at Cape Town International Airport at 7 am extremely eager to begin my trip to … Continue reading N2 drive from Cape Town to the Garden Route

Top 4 Joburg CBD outings

I've lived in Gauteng, Johannesburg in particular, my entire life, although I must admit I’ve always taken this bustling economic hub of South Africa for granted. I constantly tried to break out of the big city and explore other local tourist destinations, often overlooking my own backyard. This changed on a warm summer morning with … Continue reading Top 4 Joburg CBD outings