A relaxing lodge close to Joburg

Grey skies with low hanging cloud formations coupled with cold, wet weather and flash floods are not conditions I would ordinarily choose for a road trip. The weather took an unexpected turn in the days leading up to our trip with showers and cold weather being forecasted into the weekend. But there was no turning back with our accommodation booked and leave days approved. We were determined to make the best out of a potentially miserable holiday.

Intundla Game Lodge and Safari Spa was a perfect location for our first girl’s trip of the year. Located 90 minutes outside of Johannesburg, north on Moloto road outside Pretoria, we arrived at a secluded lodge nestled in lush greenery with two tasks in mind:

  • Total relaxation
  • Bottom-less fun

Intundla provides guests with a quiet retreat to escape the busy clutch of urban living. Our chalet was cosy and additional blanket helped to keep the cool evening breeze at bay. The general architecture features dark orange chalets with textured walls. Thatched roofs being the standard feature. A river runs through the lodge with a small wooden bridge separating the chalets with the restaurant, wedding and conferencing facility. A variety of on-site activities including spa treatments, game drives, bird watching, canoeing and walking trails are available for guests to enjoy. We were treated to a 3-course buffet meal at the restaurant with the bar nearby. I won’t tell you how many cocktails we had during our stay, but they were enough to ease us into our stay. The hot-stone spa treatments went down extremely well. I found myself dozing off at some point during the massage. The right amount of pressure applied and warm stones melting into my body, easing all the knots and tension away.

Overall the trip was a great success, and the hospitality extended to us by the staff at the lodge enhanced the experience of our relaxing retreat. The relatively short distance between JHB and Intundla Lodge was the icing on the already sweet cake!

Before you hit the road…

Contact the lodge ahead of your stay to find out if the river is full or not. Unfortunately, we couldn’t participate in some activities due to the river being full and activities cancelled due to safety concerns.

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